A chauffeured limo service means that you have a professional, well-trained chauffeur and a luxurious car that is at your disposal and convenience. You want to think about the meeting ahead of you, points to discuss, presentations and all related matters when you travel for business. In such a state, you should never worry about anything else. Our limo service gives you the desired peace of mind. All our limos are fully insured and you can always travel safely. This is also important, especially when the city in which you travel is new to you.

When you are looking for transport to an event that is important to be on time, stylish and convenient, look no further. Luxury Limos & Tours offers the best luxury limos that are comfortable, easy and affordable to book. Here below are 5 major benefits of hiring Luxury Limos & Tours:

Always on Time

One of the very important benefits you get when renting a limousine is that you are sure that you will reach your destination on time. The limousine service is very convenient. They will also provide luggage care.

Professional Service

Luxury Limos & Tours is the option that is best if you want to have a fast and reliable limousine service. A chauffeur that is polite a clean and tidy uniform provides a professional feeling and ensures that you can reach your destination safely and on time. The chauffeur will fully assist you throughout your entire journey and beyond.


We offer the most high standard chauffeur service in the Seattle area and Worldwide. We have been in the business for over 20 years and we are ranked #1 in Washington. Give us a try and see why!


Being late to the airport and not flying can be a nightmare for any traveler. But if you use a professional limousine transfer to the airport, you will definitely arrive on time. This will also avoid stress related to delay. Professional limousine services always track your flights in case of delays and adjust your pick up and drop off times accordingly. This is also a great relief for you.


Relaxing in a luxury vehicle such as a limousine will definitely liven you up. If you want to attend an event or business meeting, you’ll definitely want to look and feel relaxed and fresh. The interior of the limousine is always relaxing, clean and luxurious. During the entire journey, you can relax in the space provided by our vehicles to freshen up before the meeting or event.

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